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At Deegel, we help businesses build relationships with their customers. We believe that one efficient way to build up and grow a business is through professional Email Marketing. There is no need for technical expertise, and you can send professional emails that gets you real results easily. Our 24/7 customer service, tutorial videos, Forum, and the knowledgebase section will get you all the information you need to setup and use the Email Marketing Service.

Deegel Email Marketing Service

Deegel email marketing services provide full targeting, planning and implementation of high-volume campaigns. Using Deegel expertise and tools, you will be able to target your audience with an impressive message, leading to a great outcome. Use the Deegel email marketing service and find the required result to bring your customers back again. We have the easy-to-use interface that will enable anyone to access your web page and find the best information that can blow them high above the ground level. We are determined to help you see the beauty of coming into the email marketing terrain with greater stand and knowledge. Using our skills will bring a quick solution that any other platform cannot give. We are different and unique standing out with our wings spread wide to assist stagnant customer to rise to prominence. Even if you have gained certain experiences and skills by using other platforms, sharing our wonderful expertise in email marketing will change the view you have ever received far beyond. We are proud to announce our efficiency over leading the email marketing industry with quality service from the hands of our support team; making sure that goals are quickly achieved. If you are looking for a place to pitch up a tent in email marketing, Deegel is the best option you can bid on today.

Graduating from the Deegel’s school of email marketing and tutorials will give you the best knowledge to tackle any problem that comes your way. We will be there helping you achieve wonderful result. For this reason, Deegel has devoted trained staff that will surely give simple step-by-step instructions that will bring positive results in possession. Forget the fact that you are a novice or struggling to maintain an email marketing campaign, we will make things work out positively with excellent results. The basis of creating email marketing stand is to make sure that you become a hero in this field.

Key Features

Email Marketing CarlsbadCampaign Tracking

Deegel’s email marketing platform allows you to track and report emails within minutes after sending the emails. It will help you access the number of bounced email addresses and their reasons, as well as information such as their landing page and interests.

Email Marketing CarlsbadMessage Scheduling

“Sending your email at the right time can make a big difference,” says our experience. Deegel’s Email Marketing system allows you create the emails and set them for a certain time to be sent. This way, you will be able to trace your email campaigns with comfort and get the best result.

online advertising CarlsbadBounced Back Handling

The Bounced Bach Handling feature will enable you to see why an email and helps in determining if the address needs to be completely removed from the list.

internet Marketing CarlsbadSubscription Management

Deegel offers an easy-to-use subscription management. Although most of the advertisers prefer not to give their users the subscriptions option, it is an important fact for becoming a successful advertiser in email marketing. The “Unsubscribe” anchor text at the bottom of your emails will help in assuring total CAN spam compliance, and getting your domain or IP address marked as Spam. Today, having these options is an important factor to pass the SPAM filters used by the leading email service providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc.

Email Marketing

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